Monday, March 4, 2013

this is not just a bike ride...

"this is not just a bike ride, this is how we change our community" indeed. even though riding bikes through latino and black communitys is "something we don't do."

looks like that's no longer true. thankfully. eastside riders bike club and los ryderz sound like they are doing great work!

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UPDATE: sorry mobile viewers, it seems that this isn't available for viewing on mobile.

these groups ride together to pass out organic groceries in south la and telling residents where they can find local community gardens for more fresh food. sounds like this started in watts 5 years ago, where they also advocated for safe bike lanes.

as one of the organizers says, "think about where your food comes from. it's an opportunity to vote every time you put something in your mouth." WORD!

bike and food soldiers riding their way through south LA to fight obesity. i love this! keep it up!

h/t to the mamatexican.


  1. YW the reporter Michelle Valles is a good friend and anchored the news in ATX for many years!!

  2. Ride on, bike/food soldiers! Yes, CUESA would be interested in seeing this. They have a lot of programs regarding kids & food education. You should let them know about it! See you later tonight!