Friday, March 1, 2013

7 angels on a bicycle

last night i went to the east bay, a rare event indeed. why did i do this? to see a woman i've grown up with perform. her name is carrie rodriguez and she is on tour promoting her new album. when we were growing up, she was studying classical violin, and now she plays the fiddle. heh. she's now grown up from that 6 year old girl i first met all those years ago into a talented, and lovely, female americana artist.

she was born into an artistic texas family. her dad is songwriter david rodriguez and her mother is fine artist katy nail. fun chisme fact: mama texican ran into katy nail the other day, and then two weeks later the daughters were reunited.

so i'm glad to see carrie is carrying on her family tradition. and to see she's also representing austin well. we're all so proud to be from austin! it's ingrained in our veins.

anyway, she wrote a song for a friend that she knew since she was 2 years old who lost his life too soon while commuting to work in manhattan. she says she plays the song every day to her dear friend. her friend had bike toured from seattle to austin, backpacked in patagonia, chile, and succumbed to a commute in manhattan at the age of 25.

what a nice way to be remembered and to heal.

i've included a video of lyle lovett covering one of her dad's tunes, just for fun.

have a great weekend everyone, and hug your fellow bicyclist. one day we will not be killed going to work.

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