Friday, March 23, 2012

friday fun times: rainy days ahead

april's showers brings may's flowers. gotta love spring :)

we desperately need rain in the bay area as our winter has been relatively rain-free. heavy rains are expected this weekend. time to cover up and ride or cover up and ride muni.

ride your bike in the rain

i'm more prepared to ride in rain, however gross rain pants look. sigh. they really do help with keeping dry, just like a raincoat helps out with keeping dry from the knees up.

Rain Riders (286/365)

tights are also an awesome option because they dry quickly.

Let's gooo

so my longer ride this weekend is canceled. need to get some miles in before next weekend's metric century with my alumni group. might have to suck it up and pay for a day in a gym. :)

have a fantastic weekend y'all!

do you have rainy day pics to add to our flickr group? post today!


  1. I love the reflection in the first photo!

  2. @jc: no, it's the cinderella ride out in the east bay. weather not looking too great for it though. the ride is rain or shine, but i don't know if i am.

    @anniebikes & paulo: thanks!! me too!