Friday, March 9, 2012

friday fun times: freedom and sunday streets

sunday streets is back in SF starting this sunday! i will be gone walking among green things not too far unfortunately i will miss it. i do believe ade is skipping out on portlandia to take pics and celebrate with SF.

Valencia SF Sunday Streets 06

i'm very excited for sunday streets because it coincides nicely with san francisco's recent bikey friendly legislation. some say it is the strongest bike friendly legislation in the U.S.

the ordinance requires that downtown building managers have secure indoor bicycle parking for employees either in their building or guarantee secure parking in a building within a few blocks! a frequent complaint to riding bikes to work is fear of theft. i carry two ulocks for that very reason. what a relief to so many future bike commuters.

No Training Wheels!!!! (249/365)

why not celebrate that with the extremely popular, and expanding, sunday streets. last year sunday streets was in 8 locations. this year, we will have 10!

20090719 ss03 dutch-bikes


  1. They don't have that kind of legislation where I live - to deal with bike theft, I've actually got a folding bike. I ride to work and store the bike under my desk. I don't even have to carry a U-lock.

  2. folding bikes are terrific for commuting. but many people still don't have, or want, them. i have a friend that shudders at the sight of them, and i have no idea why.

    i'm sure folding bikes will still be around if this legislation catches on because they are great for multi-modal commuting as well.