Thursday, October 20, 2011

the is a'changin'

i'm sad to say it's that time of year when the light above hangs noticeably different in the sky.

a few sundays ago this was pretty apparent after i stood on this corner to get out my bike lights.




soon we are going to be forced to change our clocks and wake up to the dark. i don't like it, but it happens every year. can't do anything about it...

so i guess this means is time to work on bike projects in the comfort of the garage as we await rainy season to hit us full force.


  1. Yes, it is that time. I have 4 bike projects in my garage for rebuild -
    a 1967 Sears Spaceliner which I need to take completely apart and refit and refinish
    a 1971 Columbia Roadster (womens) which needs to be disassembled, cleaned, and regreased -and then re-assembled.
    a 1975 Murray Spectra Man's 10 speed, which I'm going to "Dutch" - new saddle and handlebars for upright seating, new brake pulls and cables and general cleanup and lube.
    a 1981 AMF Cherokee Woman's 10 speed, which needs a clean up, tune up, and new brake pull and cables.

    I think I have enough to keep me busy.

  2. While I don't like changing the clocks, we do 'fall back' one hour. That means we won't be waking up to the dark. It will actually be light outside. So, you will get about a month's reprieve from morning darkness :)

  3. @maggie: selective memory. i remember waking up in dark, but that's how much i hate the lighting this time of year. i just suck it up. kicking and screaming, but i do.

  4. We have to get out boys out of the house by 0700 for school so they're already going out in the dark.

    Thank goodness for hub dynamo lights.

  5. I've already switched to my long-sleeved windbreaker, and while no gloves yet, my fingers sense imminent mornings that will freeze them unless they are covered...