Friday, October 28, 2011

powered by the people

we over here at the blog think that bike-powered things are pretty cool. if you've ever ridden a bike to power something, you really notice how much energy it takes to do something via electricity. whether it be powering some light for an art exhibit, to make some blended smoothies, or even to power amplified sound, all of it takes some muscle power and sweat to do.

in that vein, i've been seeing some bikey powered things that are popping up at occupy protests in SF and at the one that started it all, wall street. i also heard from friends of mine that were in oakland on tuesday, that there were a LOT of people on bikes. presumably to quickly get away from the chaos.

Low cost generator created by Rock The Bike's electrical wizard Jake, donated to Occupy SF
foto by RTB

i also recently found this video on the spacebooks interwebs about the occupy wall streeters talking about how they need bikes to power the movement in order to be off the grid. word.

have a great weekend y'all!

in solidarity,


  1. My bike always seems to be the most natural transport to Occupy Flagstaff.

  2. :-) I'm also wondering what they need here to make more bikey powered things happen in sf & seeing if we can make that happen.

  3. Hey Calitexican,

    Take a look at for some Seattle cyclocross and Halloween goofiness. I sent a Halloween picture to you last year.