Thursday, September 22, 2011

some fun with bikes in austin

so last week i was fortunate enough to be able to go home to the motherland for a couple of days. here are some of the bikes i saw when i was down there y'all!
tandem cruiser

tandem cruiser?! i can safely say i've never seen a tandem cruiser before. each set of handlebars had its own bell too. just in case, ya know? i've seen a tandem cargo bike, but not a tandem cruiser. radness. and on a SUV. well, that part isn't so rad, but what can you do?

free bike!

free gary fisher anyone? sigh. the myriad of ways people lock up bikes for the taking really astounds me.

tomorrow will have another scene from austin, but this time involving the bikes we actually rode around on.


  1. We LOVE Hopdoddy! BTW, we are Texans looking to move to SF and had a couple of questions.

  2. oh yah? ask away! we didn't eat there, but we were just walking past it since we had parked our bikes there the day before. badly parked bikes always get our attention.

  3. That bike has obviously been locked up by Alex Jones as a false flag type of thing.

  4. Baaaaaaack in the day; about the rarest bicycle related thing you could see 'round these parts (the new world), rarer even than a short john, box trike or ordinary, would have been a tandem that was not a cruiser.

    Watch CL and old Schwinns will show up on a semi-regular basis.

    I keep threatening to get one so I can take my mother on rides a bit further and faster than she undertakes herself, what with looking 80 dead in the eye and living at the foot of a geographical feature whose last name is "escarpment."

    She still rides miles up the slightly shallower side of the valley to do her grocery shopping, on a one speed coaster brake bike, so it isn't like I'd be hauling dead weight. She can still so something at least reasonably close to her share.

  5. The locking looks effective at first glance but release the QR on the front wheel and you can lift the bike clean away.

  6. @RL: yah, exactly. put it in the back of a pickup truck, something texas has a lot of, and then you can take off the lock in the privacy of your own home. then you can have a califas original for your very own.