Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ring It, Baby!

The best thing on any bicycle for helping to keep you safe, other than common sense, is you bicycle bell.

Paper Marigolds

Some of them can ring and show the way. This particular one was a bit like Captain Jack Sparrow's compass and was more interested in pointing me to where I wanted to go than it was in pointing North. Probably better that way.

T'was Sunny The Day I Fell In Love

I have been known to choose a bell to brighten up the day while it also tells others "Hey! I'm coming through!". Not only is it a polite way of announcing my approach, it is sunny and cute.

Baby's Bike Bell

As I have shared previously, Meli, the vegetarian, has a strange fondness for cheeseburger bicycle bells. This one looks a bit like the beet burgers she is especially fond of. Ask not for whom the burger tolls. It is telling you I am coming up the left!

Perhaps food themed bells are better at letting others know we are passing? Maybe because they remind us we are hungry and need to get home?

Mango Bell
image by Gerogie_grrl

Bell peppers work, too.

611 of 365
photo by the Goat Whisperer

For more bells than you thought possible, check out Flickr contributor Georgie_Grrrl's mild obsession with said object.

All of this pictorial splendor is brought to you in the name of our last post. Use those bells! If you don't have one, go get one (along with some bicycle lights, gosh darn it!).


  1. there are some many people in Seattle walking and riding their bicycles, with earbuds that bells, calling out, or whistles have no effect

  2. Yes. That will be our next etiquette lesson : )

  3. I agree! A bike bell is so much more cheery and polite than a loud "passing on your left!". Most people turn around a give me a smile. I cannot help those people who turn around and scowl.

  4. One bell is NOT enough. I have a loud brass bell like the one in the top pick for distance hailing and getting the attention of cars and a small teacup bell for polite notices to pedestrians in the park.

  5. I love my bike bell! Only problem is it seems like people in Denver don't get the hint. I'll ring my bell 50 times to let them know I'm behind them and "comin' through", but they still don't move! Does anybody else have this problem? Is it because not as many people in the US ride their bikes as people in other countries? Everyone else seems to hear a bell and get outta the way!

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