Friday, May 3, 2013

friday fun times: biking for worker's rights

i, unfortunately, was unable to participate in may day festivities/marches/protests this year as i have a new job. ironically. as such, didn't feel comfortable enough to take off. and also had a board meeting that night. one of my infamous 12-hour work days. i hope next year's may day will be different.

anyway, here are some bikey and work type things i saw on may day, which was wednesday.

saw a cyclist on her way back from a civic center demonstration. she gave me permission to take her picture.
Biker seen on May Day, or, International Workers Day.

over where the work is never done, the new job has quite the bike commuter area.


you could adjust your pedals, or your headset...?


happy friday everyone! we are experiencing some crazy warm weather here in northern california. some people are complaining it might be too hot to bike. NO WAY! hehe.

also... congrats to the golden state warriors for chomping down on some denver nuggets. they advance to the next round in the nba western conference playoffs. we'll have to see how they fare against my san antonio spurs!


  1. I have the exact same "days" as your 12-hour version. First I need to put in my regular day, but when there is a Board meeting I just stick around until 7:00 (and get home at 10:00).
    Thanks for posting.
    ~ Wilson

    1. thanks for commenting! getting ready for another 12 hr day tomorrow! the fun never ends over here! but, on the flip side, neither does the learning, and that is what i yearn for.