Friday, January 18, 2013

friday fun times: panda shadows

well, this week started off with a bang for us. to my knowledge, the jerk still hasn't been caught. left it up here this week to keep the word out.

with lance confessing thrown in the middle of this crazy first week back in the states, let's just say we are dreaming of simpler times and ones where we are with our loved ones and they are safe and sound. what better way to be with those loved ones than on a nighttime bike ride?!


the weather is nice here in SF. went up to be in the low 70s as a high today? where are YOU going this weekend?

much love and stay safe everyone! happy riding.



  1. Snowy, blustery, freezing cold Lake District on the cards. Bike touring. We booked the hostel before the weather turned chilly... Brrrr!!

  2. Likewise, Canada just had a good winter's blast. I hope to neverthless get in a small sojourn this weekend.


  3. Weekend tour was delightful and not as cold as expected

    1. yay! despite my energies at the nice weather, i STAYED INSIDE. i think was tired from traveling in mexico and needed a break.

      however, will be bike camping this upcoming weekend!

    2. A good rest before bike tour will do you a world of good for it tho. Where are you off to? Have a fantastic time.
      We're due rain this weekend (back to the usual) but my cycling group have two rides planned. I'll see how cold it is - very cold rain is pretty much my least favourite weather to ride in.

    3. depending on rain (i don't really want to sit outside in the rain for two days), we are going to samuel p. taylor park. not too far away from the city. here's to hoping for clear skies!

    4. Brilliant! Have a wonderful time - looking forward to reading all about it. Sam P T looks beautiful.

      I'm now down to one ride - it's a snow blizzard out there right not so the roads will be too treacherous first thing tomorrow - we dont deal with snow very well here - mostly afraid of the motorised traffic getting out of control - should be ok by sunday tho.