Friday, September 7, 2012

friday fun times: i love you

i woke up freakishly early this morning. i saw my favorite bike rack bike hack and i also saw another bike with another note.

Morning bike hack rack

foto of bike rack bike hack was taken awhile ago, but bike was still there. not sure if it is abandoned or if it's a worker's bike.

I love you too.

aww, well, i love you too. what a nice note.

when things calm down with work, i'll talk about bike camping, i swear!

happy friday to you all. summer has arrived in SF! time to go outside before the rainy season starts.


  1. Tell me about it, work is maaaaad busy here too. But only 7 more working days til I'm flying over to visit SF and chill out and ride around and get back to feeling like myself! Glad to hear the weather is looking up.

    Happy Friday :-) Here's to a great weekend

  2. Happy Friday to you too! Hope you can get some riding in this weekend :) I am going to try, but looks doubtful for miles other that commuting.

    1. Always - its what weekends were made for. Had a lovely 14 miles of off roading yesterday - got very hot in the afternoon, so glad it was short.
      Trying a new route later today that I can hopefully do with the family section of my cycle club :-)
      7 more days in work til we fly to SF! Woohoo then 2 weeks solid cycling and walking.

    2. if you are around, give us a ring/email. we love to meet our readers and other bloggers! :)

  3. Fridays are always good. Too sweet to leave a note in a bike.

    Jacob of biking Philippines

    1. i have had a note left for me a few times, and twice i've left notes for others on theirs. always makes me smile and get the warm fuzzies in that place where my heart beats.