Tuesday, August 28, 2012

america's cup visits SF & spectators came by bike.

last wednesday, the much talked about america's cup started their trials in SF. i do not follow this sort of fast boat racing, but let's just say that people were a little excited in our bike valet part of the world. an international event gives us visibility into the service the bike coalition provides.

Prada Italian #americascup boat. #goldengate #bridge

SFist reported that the viewership was pretty low during the week. my guess is that people were WORKING or in school and, despite their hopes and dreams, were not able to skip either even though this sport has a reputation for being popular with the haves (as opposed to have nots).

despite feeling pretty crappy due to a cold i caught earlier in the week, i was called to go into work. and lo and behold...there was some bike parking going on. time to get to work.

America's Cup

America's Cup

as you can tell by the pictures, we were busy. pedestrian, car and bike traffic were all bustling. good thing we were around and parked about 500 bikes each day.

America's Cup

on sunday, what i believe will be declared the first day of SF summer, the weather was lovely. i even got to wear a short sleeved shirt near the open waters. but the jeans, the jeans were still on.

i walked in the village and saw this life-sized bottom of a racing boat. crazy.

race boat bottom.

was an interesting event to be a part of. hopefully we'll be back and parking bikes the rest of the time they are in town from now until 2013.

until then, we always have this picture of the first day of summer. and no fog in sight.



  1. cool pics. my dad was there... I got some HD video of the prada boat out on the bay. will send you the link when I upload it. even though I don't consider myself a have, I'm kinda into the Cup. Hello sailors!

    1. hehe, i saw a couple of sailors or wannabes (most likely) at zeitgeist on friday. their faces looked sunbeaten down like a flag, complete with the floppy hair. they were quite friendly with the ladies.