Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LA carmaggedon, jet blue style

oh how i wish i thought of that mashup in words. but i didn't. you know who brought it to my attention? jet blue.


well, during my recent trip to LA, LA let me and thousands of other freeway drivers know that the 405 (the notoriously gnarly and constantly congested LA freeway), is going to be closed soon for construction during the weekend of july 16/17.

where most LA citizens and visitors may see "oh shit," jet blue sees dollar signs. they had an offer going for $4 flights over el lay. i've actually joked about doing that in the past to friends that live in van nuys v. long beach, but whoa. they are actually doing it.

thinking of this silliness made me think of the LA midnight ridazz/crimanimals and their bikey take over the freeways awhile back.

we'll see what they do this weekend ;)

oh, btw, the $4 publicity stunt/promotion is SOLD OUT. i know yr cryin' from your bike seat, right?

via gizmodo


  1. i have to say...that looks like a lot of fun. if there were no cars that is....