Friday, June 18, 2010

Win Stuff

Vélo Vogue is having a very simple and fun "Bike to Bar" contest where one can win some quite nice stuff from Chrome. What do you have to do, you ask? Take a picture of you and your bike outside the bar (or café) of your choice and send it into the group along with a description of your outfit and bike. My example is below-


Hat- Goorin
Shirt- Dana Buchman
Knickers- Calvin Klein
Shoes- Earth
Bike- Batavus
Place- Samovar Tea Lounge

You have nothing to lose and some nice stuff to gain! Go do it!


  1. @hub - outdo Ade! send VV a fancier hot of you|bike|bar!

  2. Yeah! Go for it! Just remember, I am in it to win it! I need a new windbreaker : )

  3. oh too serious. not the ade i know
    oh ok i get it, its your game windbraker face. LOL je jeee

  4. Nah. That's my "Godfather"look. Leave the gun, take the bikeolli.