Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who Can Hook Me Up?

While riding around the lovely closed streets of Downtown Oakland this weekend, I ran into this cute guy all wrapped up in wood. I noticed he was riding a bamboo bike, as was his friend, and they had a whole bunch of bamboo tubes with them. So, because I am nosy as hell, I asked if they built their bikes.

Cutie On Bamboo

They did! They are the guys behind "Bamboo Bike Works" in Oakland. They provide the materials, space and instruction to get you making your own bamboo bike over the course of a weekend.

My Next Project?

Now, I like me some DIY and I have tried to contact them in the past (didn't realize it was the same guys when I ran into them) but their website won't let me email them. It has one of those silly numeric verification systems and it keeps telling me that 19+5 does not equal 24 and thus will not pass on my message.

So, if anyone out there knows these guys, I want to do a story about their classes and take some pictures and maybe even make a bike. Hook me up, people! There is free advertising here just begging to be used!!


  1. Try the administrative contact info in the link below. (don't want to post it directly to protect it from spambots!)


  2. Just bypass the cruddy verification system, go into your email system and plug "info@bamboobikeworks.com" into the address field.

  3. The verification system usually needs cookies to work properly. Maybe your browser doesn’t allow them.


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