Tuesday, June 8, 2010

tuesday injection of fun: pride and perpetual indulgence

so, being that 75% of the contributors of this blog live in SF, i do think it would be remiss not to mention that this month, june, is pride month. rainbow flags are happily flapping in the fierce winds, tangling themselves around their posts from the financial district to the beach.

and just the other day i stumbled upon a sister. a sister of perpetual indulgence that is.

photo by Steve Rhodes
NOT the actual sister i saw. i think.

i was at an intersection on the border of the castro on joanie baby patiently waiting to cross market street, when i see a single solitary sister enter the cross walk. and she just looked so awesome and confident, i just HAD to say something.

me: (dingding) oh heeeey gurrrl! (waving)
sister: (looks around confused, sees me, smiles) hey! happy pride!
me: happy pride!

so, yeah, happy pride everyone!

addendum: now that i think about it, this post fits under the first (and already closed) part of the fun and inspiring LGRAB summer games! if you haven't checked it out yet, please do! you could win a rad bat and be like ade riding all over your town.