Thursday, June 10, 2010

two views from twin peaks

so i don't have much time these days to go out for a longer ride, but i do have time to go for a ride. i have to or else i get extremely antsy. twin peaks is not far from where i upupUP i go. anyone wanna join?

memorial day weekend:

Windy atop twin peaks


Foggy twin peaks view

, er, how about not foggy

Hello there marine layer...

hello there marine layer

a few days later....

Marine layer & the bridge

clear SF day, hidden GG bridge

Purdy city

clearer day, same view...

oh twin peaks. you are full of surprises. including a new riding partner i never would have expected...stay tuned for tales of the chapparito...


  1. Dayum! Looks like I need to be hitting up twin peaks ASAP. Nice shots!

  2. One day I need to do this ride. It isn't like I don't live right there!

  3. yah, both of you should! NO LIMITS. now the 17th street way...i've done that once, need to do it again. the other way i went the glen parky way which isn't so bad.

  4. pinches hills. i love you infinitooow