Friday, June 11, 2010

friday fun times: beachy sunsets

as the sunset of the work week races once again to the western horizon, here's a picture for you:

Saturday sunset

we rode here from a dolores park picnic to the beach in about 20 minutes. this was a last minute impulse decision, and we were determined to make it to either baker beach or ocean beach before the sun set. can you tell which one this is? does it matter?

this was only the beginning of a really nice rest of the weekend. hope you have the same this time around!

addendum: this impromptu bikey date falls under social cycling section of the LGRAB summer games! go and read fun stories!


  1. dear ocean. the bikes and we bikey peoples super love you. thanks for the mocos daily cleanser
    kthx y xxo

  2. this was such a good mind will remember this one ;)