Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer In SF. Pull On The Wool!

As with many Wednesday evenings, James and I decided to head out for the weekly ride known as the "Butter Lap". Meli writes about it pretty frequently. Now that I have a camera that works better in low light, I may have some pictures to use for a story or two of my own. Anyway....

When we left the house it was cold!!! Damp, windy, cold. Despite being the third day of summer, I had to pull out the warm clothes.

Wooly Butter

Wool hat, wool socks, wool vest, cashmere turtleneck. Boots! It is SF, and I have lived here my whole life so I should be used to it... but really? At the end of June? I think I think this same thought every year- who needs this much clothing in June in California, for peet's sake?


Summer Ride Wear

More on this ride tomorrow. We had a special guest from down south in for the ride and some super cute new riders and for once I got some good pictures of it all!!


  1. Ironically, it's Central Valley heat that's causing the cool weather along the coast. The rising inland heat sucks the offshore marine layer right in like a gigantic heat pump. While you were chilled to the bone in SF yesterday, it was 93 degrees in Sacramento!

    (and since you live there, you already know this :-) )

  2. I have spent a lot of time in San Francisco and I don't remember ever being too warm. Even though we both dislike cold and are not to crazy about living in cities if we could afford it we would live there cold or not. That's one of the few things that we agree on without exception.

  3. YF- We'll just blame it all on Alan and leave it at that.

    OF- Ignore my blushing while I say it would be lovely to have you and SWMBO here in my lovely, cold, city!

  4. nonetheless it was *awesome* to see you fly down the hill. no matter if u done it in the 70s on rollerblades - the time is here and now
    that was rad.

  5. No rollerblades in the 70's. Gawd!

    Actually, I think the first time I flew down the hill from the Cliff House on skates they had steel wheels! Yow! That was loud. When my Mom found out what we were doing she yelled at me for 5 minutes about how I was going to kill myself : ) To this day I marvel at how little scarring I have from that era : D

  6. Visited San Francisco for the first time 2 summers ago with nothing but skorts and short sleeve t-shirts. Burrrr! Quickly found a NorthFace store for a fleece, hat and gloves - we were so cold.