Friday, April 30, 2010

so, how'd ya do this week?

i proposed a question on monday to see if you would try to trick that voice in your head that tells you "no, i can't," to flip it and ask, "why not?"

the past couple of weeks i've been taking page street home, as opposed to "the lazy," (aka the wiggle) as coined by a friend of the blog. i don't think the camera phone does that hill justice, but, meh, you can sorta see why people avoid taking it in large numbers.

Turn up the page

and just last night was butter lap. i've had a little bit of a cough and crapola allergies lately, so breathing has been rather hard. and breathing is sort of important while going uphill. and last week i had some tire chorro and wasn't able to complete it even though i had started it.

enough with the excuses and other issues i told myself. i have got to finish it this week, and that's that. august is only getting closer, ya know?

on my way to the ferry building, the wind was so strong i almost got knocked into another bicyclist. he was rather kind about it, and we both just went sort of slow down market street since the wind was relentless the whole way.

the little voice in my head kept nudging me telling me i didn't have to do butter today cause it was gonna be hard.

you know what? it was hard with the headwinds, sidewinds, everywhichway winds. but then if i hadn't i wouldn't have been able to see this along crissy field:

Butter views

or this at the 2nd stop:

Buttery views

hard, but still did it. so worth it. and...after work i love just riding along the flats looking at the bridge in the distance, watching it wax and wane as i travel around it. its firey orange never ceases to amaze me with its stunning beauty sitting majestic among the headlands greens, ocean grays and skies blue.

and yah, that is why i am glad i flipped it.

so, dear readers, on this day being sunset of the week, i wish you a happy great weekend. may it be full of riding and bikes and stuff. ;)


  1. This entry made me smile.


  2. Yea, you show them voices who's boss :) :)

    I ask the voices - "you lookin' for a path to success or an excuse for deciding to fail?"

  3. @ryne: your comment made ME smile. go figure!

    @siouxgeonz: those voices can be super mean sometimes. but i like how my counter voice is getting more forceful. and yes, i like what you say to the voices. if you haven't listened to that radiolab on limits i referred to on monday, you should! :)

  4. your posting was exactly what i needed to read at the end of this long, somewhat difficult week. made me smile and decide NOT to give in to the tough times. thanks. ;-)

  5. If you just put "meditation pillow" in the place of "bicycle" I am right there with you.

  6. @kim: glad to lend an internet hand. keep on keeping strong!

    @ade: my bici is my meditation pillow.

  7. oh why not? - oh hells to the yes
    xxoxo. <3 m