Friday, April 16, 2010

The Revolution Will Be Blogged

What is revolution and how do you know you are a part of it? I was thinking about this while I rode to pick up Declan from school. When you do something that makes people look at you askance, something that makes them think about how things are done, something that makes them uncomfortable you are on the path of the Revolutionary. When your actions challenge the status quo without destroying the individual you are on the path of Revolutionary. When it becomes obvious to you that the path you are on is the only one you can take because it will lead to the world you want to live in, you have started to become a Revolutionary.

When you see others do the same things, speak the same words, work for the same world, you have joined the Revolution.

From my place in it, it will look something like this-

Be revolutionary.


  1. Um...I believe that would be "Velorution", Michael. For me, at least. Velos Rule! Val

  2. Yup, I also prefer Velorution, and I also like that VELO has the same letters as LOVE. Coincidence?

    Enjoy your thoughts and pictures :)

  3. Absolutely. And thanks for the reminder that I'm part of something bigger.

  4. The bike co-op in Edinburgh's motto is 'The Revolution will not be Motorised'.

    Never a truer word spoken.

  5. i absolutely love that how i merely live my life can be interpreted as revolutionary. to paraphrase dazed and confused it's "just livin' man."

    thanks for this post ade. i heart it very very much.