Monday, February 15, 2010

You Want Fries With That?

After taking a lovely ride to Daly City to see Avatar (way better movie than I was expecting), Declan declared "I want a hamburger and a toy!". We haven't been in a Burger King in eons so we decided to give it a go. If nothing else, Declan would be so happy to get his chance for a free toy there would be little complaint about the chilly ride home.

On receiving said child's meal with hamburger and Spiderman toy, I received a little gift of my own. I never dreamed I would see this printed on the side of a Burger King food bag-

Fast Food Surprises

Say what you want about fast food and what it does to us all. A company that makes huge profits out of drive-thrus, whose entire history is wrapped around the American car mythology, is telling people to stop driving and start riding a bike!

Things are changing! In places we would never expect.


  1. Good lord! We are often too fast to poo-poo what we would see as 'greenwash' and jumping on the environment bandwagon, but if this kind of message is getting out there to 'the masses' (or at least Burger Kind customers!) this can only be a good thing.

    Well spotted.

  2. weird, this was on my brain lately-

    I was thinking about riding to see a movie recently and was wondering about where to lock up- does the Daly City parking garage have bike racks?

    I should make a list of sf cineplexes that have racks...

    a friend of mine won't go to the Metreon on bike because of a theft incident..

  3. Glad you shared this find! I guess if I start craving fast food BK is the best of the worst. :) Movies by bike -- sounds like a fun Saturday.

  4. So....does the BK allow bikes in the "Drive Through" lane? It's been a bone of contention on numerous occasions, for myself and others. Val

  5. Apparently Wells Fargo has bike-thru ATMs in some locations. Yes, things are changing... :-)

  6. Mark- I am with you. If you are going to print something on the bag, anyway, why not something like this?

    El Tejano- We park on the cages around the trees in front of the theater, but there are large bike racks in the Southern parking lot (other side of Starbuck's) My husband will not park at the Metreon, either.

    Trisha- I hate fast food, but I was super happy to see this!

    Anon- no idea on the drive-thru, but I hate drive-thrus anyway. I would much rather go in.