Monday, February 1, 2010

Nightlife at the academy.

Happy Ade.
Let's ride!!! Ade on Divis and Page

Adrienne, Nathan and I had a blast a few days ago at the Academy of Sciences Nightilfe on Thursday nights. This weekly event seems to be pretty popular and we decided to check it out. The theme for this week was coffee, not sure if it is a theme, but well. Very apropos right?! And we all preferred coffee over cocktails.
Double troubles.
double troubles.
Ritual smiles
Ritual smiles.

We had some Four Barrel as well as some Ritual goodies. It was my first time in the academy, both Adrienne and Nathan had been to the old original building, which some parts of it remain and it looks as a very nice juxtaposition of the old with the new.
It's super fun and it awakens your inner kid with all the wows-and-aaaahs! Here are some snaps. And if you happen to be in SF, please check it out. It is a very rad place and it has plenty of bike racks all around. Cheers.
ummm roaches.
ummm roaches...
floating cilantro
floating cilantro (jk)
Blue talks


it was raining but it seemed it stopped for a bit :D
Strike a pose baby.
Strike a pose baby.
The natanz
Also caffeinated.
We-wanna-ride trio stikes a pose.
Riding trio strikes a pose. I think we were still counting to 10...


  1. great pictures as usual girls..... now im back in the saddle I will be contributing again....from the UK with love....Philip

  2. Although the bike parking is ample for visitors, the set up for employees and volunteers is very disappointing.

  3. Philip- Glad you are back! We missed you!

    Tom- How so?

  4. The employee entrance, as well as the designated bicycle parking is located on the opposite side of the building from the main entrance. There are some fantastic bike lockers available for employees, unfortunately far too few. To supplement these, there is a single bike rack which is virtually always filled to capacity. Bike theft is a big problem around there (meaning the entire building - so be weary of parking your bike in front too), so many who might have been willing to ride to work, instead drive.

    Many cyclists who work/ed for the academy had high hopes of the 'green' rebuild bringing in a large-scale indoor bike parking area for employees. What we got fell far short of that.

    Although theft is still of concern, bike parking for visitors is much better now than before.

  5. phillip/ awesome!! happy to have you back :D

    tom/ that is an interesting view, I guess as visitors we dont really encounter the everyday experience. I think I might have read something from either streetblog or sfcitizen (?) dont rememebr now.
    thanks for dropping in!
    cheers -m

  6. Looks like fun and all the bike bags - swoon!