Friday, February 19, 2010


I hearts this picture.
This has become our parking spot for Chilango's on Church st. which is the spot to be for filling Mexico City bites. Ade, Melyssa and I try to go at least once every 2 weeks. We bring the girls and occasionally our good guy friends. This was a couple of Fridays ago.
Park and party –Rock on :D
calitexican and selby. ssssssup


  1. I keep thinking, every time we lock up there, how pathetic it is that we have to lock to a train stop fence. How is it that Church and Market has no bike parking?

  2. it does, it's just usually taken by then. it needs more. "who you gonna call?" 311!

  3. ade/ there are more than a few racks but too many food stops there.
    i keep thinking there is always room for more racks, nonetheless around many places in the city. like the whole divis corridor explosion of racks - only a matter of time.

    ctx/ we bikers need lots a food n beers. :DDD

  4. it's true. we take up i say give us a parking space!