Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Obssesive? Maybe.

I just posted about my DIY bike fashion tendencies over at my other internet gig, Vélo Vogue. What I left out of that post is that I am somewhat obsessive about how my new cycling skirt moves. I knew when I picked the pattern that it would work well on the bike, but I didn't know I would find it so entertaining. There is obviously something very wrong with me.

Do you have a favorite item of clothing you ride in?


  1. If there is something wrong with you then there is something wrong with me. I love that skirt.

  2. This may sound strange but the waves in the skirt remind me of sloshing back and forth in the bath as a kid.
    I might have to go riding in my kilt this weekend to see what it looks like!

  3. My favorite item to ride in is my mustard swing jacket. It has large buttons and looks great open and buttoned up. I always feel very chic and smart in that little jacket and usually pair it with a floral scarf I found at Target. It looks good with the Breezer and makes me very visible.

  4. Knees move the legs that move the feet that move the pedals that move the chain that turns the wheels that move the bike across the ground through the wind that ruffles the skirt that covers the knees that move the legs that ...

  5. Ha, this was very entertaining :)

  6. Old Fool- We can just be wrong together : )

    BadBeard- Pictures please!!!!!!!

    Bikey Lady- You, too!!! Pictures!!!!

    JRA : )))

    Dottie- It makes me want to ride! Quite a skirt!

    Mike- I had the same reaction. Could be hazardous!