Saturday, February 20, 2010

Growth Industry


San Francisco has growing numbers of cyclists. The latest numbers for 2009 are wonderful, especially when you take into account that until the last couple of months, there has been zero increase or improvement of bicycle infrastructure in San Francisco in years. We are still under a partial injunction that allows us to only complete projects that the court has deemed "potentially reversible".

Back Around

While some intersections where cyclists were counted showed very small gains, and in some instances drops in usage, several spots in SF showed triple digit increases (!!!!)- Great Highway and Sloat 110%, 23rd & Potrero st. 111%, 7th. & 16th St. 202%, Alemany & Geneva-222%, Embarcadero at the Ferry Building 104%, Stockton and Sutter 205% and Randall & San Jose (my personal nemesis and daily spot) 150%.


San Francisco has a 53.5% increase in the number of bicycles counted in San Francisco since 2006 when the count started. We have not been (insert city here)-ized in any way. We have been blocked by the courts to make anything better for ourselves. We have had to carve our space out with nothing but our bicycles for help. We have taken to the streets with our fixies, our cargo bikes, our Wal-Mart bike shaped objects, our child trailers, our tricycles and proven that all it takes to start the change is to get out and ride.

Bikes At The Co-Op

So we have said it before, and we will say it a million more times- get out and ride, people! It makes a difference. Every ride, every time. Make sure you have some fun along the way.


  1. Too right! It happens a lot, but just today I was approached in the hardware store by someone who said he had seen me "climbing up every hill" and wondered if I rode every day. The suburb where I live is seriously bike unfreindly, but I know that more of the folks here are thinking about it, because I show them how it's done, and that those of us who do it are just people, like them. Val

  2. I'm seeing this here, too. It's the old "Be the change you want to see." But being old, doesn't mean it isn't true. (A comfortable thought for those of us over 40 and still biking uphill.)