Tuesday, December 22, 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: austin, I'M HOME, edition.

in case you haven't guessed by the title of this post, i'm home in texas right now. yay.

i was a chauffeur for the mama texican earlier today (no u-lock required), and rather than going home, i went around downtown austin. it has changed a lot. i forgot some places i used to know, i forgot how to get to certain places, i forgot that i forget things.

but i didn't forget about the bikey time that i wanted to squeeze in. so, after getting a little turned around, i went to mellow johnny's because it is a few blocks away from the mama texican's workey times place.

i got some coffee and then cruised around the bike store.

Eddy y Juan

Scuba steve goes wheee!

Juanny's lowrider

i helped a(n admittedly clueless) guy buy a shirt for his sister, looked at clothes & bikey art, and looked at rows and rows of bikes.

as you may know from reading this blog...we over here have a weakness for mixtes.

Masi mixte

"a powder blue 8 speed masi mixte soulville? i need to get on this bike right now," i thought to myself.

so i did. and this is what i saw:

Masi mixte panda

Ground zero

Guitars y (no) Cadillacs

Bridge. Bici.

Here we go yo.

2 wheeled 4 runner.

if you have/had to travel far during the holiday season, did/do you incorporate your bike love into your trip? for example, besides my test ride of that delicious mixte, i am planning on going back and renting a bike from MJ's and teaching one of my cousins (who is 15!!) how to ride a bike. i also got another cousin talking about bikes, so i plan on visiting his bikey soon. i hear it has an old school iron child's seat on it.

please let us know in the comments :)


  1. Hey again,

    That masi does look pretty swingin. How did it ride?
    Doesn't have the 'soulville' of the frenchster though.
    Have a happy holiday at home.

    Jon C.

  2. i didn't really take it too far as i was not totally sure where i was going bike-lane wise & i had a time constraint too. all i knew is that i was by my old high school.

    that being said, it was a very nice & smooth ride. my mixte is probably about 30-35 pounds of old steel, and this one was considerably lighter. i kept shifting to see the differences between the gears and i thought i heard clicking, but it was so noisy being by a large road with 4 car lanes, i wasn't able to tell for sure.

    i would love to test ride it again and for longer. i think it would do very well in SF. all it needs is a basket ;)

    honestly, i was just happy i could ride it since i'm short and it looked kind of big for lil' ol' me. both the sales guy and i were surprised when it fit. then he said, "have fun!"

  3. I wanna ride with your cousins in Texas!

  4. austinnnnnnn!!! <3
    lovely post, i super hearts the test ride. nice looking masi baby :D