Friday, August 6, 2010

Point Of View

One of the more pleasant surprises of being around bicycles all the time is how much it has influenced my photography. Something about riding clears my eye to see the world just a little differently. Maybe it is the increased blood flow clearing out the cobwebs, or the increased awareness of my surroundings, or the geometry and balance of the bicycles themselves, but I see interesting things everywhere when I am out on my bicycle.


Relative Focus

Summer Ride Wear




It isn't just me. Take a peek at the Flickr group, where all kinds of view points are coming out of all kinds of cameras! It is pretty inspiring.


  1. Yes, great point! I now carry my little point and shoot everywhere and find myself taking pictures while cycling (or after a quick pulling over) all the time.

    Great collection of photos here and I also love the current header pic - Think Pink - awesome! S.

  2. These are wonderful. Is that a camera mounted on the handlebars?

  3. In the last picture? No, it is my headlight.

  4. Interesting observation, Adrienne. I've been having an internal conversation with myself lately about the small things I noticed. A few weeks back while on my bike I observed from above a prairie dog stretched out across the sidewalk reaching for an edible weed growing on the parkway. A slice of the prairie dog life and I got to witness it.