Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bum(er) Bike Day

Today was a challenging day on the bicycle. It was way warmer than I expected and thus, I was over dressed. I ended up riding in sweaty jeans, which many of you already know, is awful. There is a kind of baseline awful involved in damp, clingy denim but today, it was worse than usual.

Right above the spot where my posterior meets my leg I have developed two very uncomfortable ingrown hairs that have further developed, with the help of my saddle and today's sweaty jeans, in to two huge swollen lumps that hurt when anything, including the sheets on my bed, touch them.

Needless to say, I am unhappy with this situation. No more bicycle until they go away.


  1. i saw you riding down valencia today and you looked pretty hot in those jeans too (no pun intended lol). i hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sometimes it is the Jeans that is causing the trouble ,they are just to hard for Cycling.

    I remember years ago when you bought a pair of Jeans they would be terribly hard and you just had to break them in after a few washes. Now they make them more softer and they are not so bad,but you can still get them Ruching up and sticking in your Behind and giving you Pain.

    I mostly use soft light Trousers like Craghoppers Hiking Trousers whenever I can as these also have some Rain Resistance.

    Dollops of Sudocream or Germolene Ointment is called for to ease the Pain.

    Use Assos Chamois Cream for long Extended Rides in the Countryside before you go out on your Bike,just apply it to your undersides it helps a lot.

  3. "Brooks?"

    How is overpriced ass jewelry going to help with ingrown hairs? ;)

  4. cgr- thank you!

    L'hav- While the jeans didn't cause the issue, they sure didn't help. Skirts!! Skirts over chamois!!

    RPM- I have one. It isn't usually a problem, but it is certainly contributing to this one.

    Adam-I only have the medium-priced ass candy : D

    d- Note that I spared everyone photographs. That would be TMI. This is a public service : )

  5. Ooh, ow. Much sympathy (been there myself). What works well for me is hot saltwater soaks -- fill a small, nonbreakable container with hot water, mix in a generous dollop of kosher or sea salt (uniodized), then apply to the boil/ingrown hair for a few minutes. (Doing it as a hot compress with a washcloth also works, but is drippier and messier, I find.) Rinse with fresh water, allow to dry thoroughly, then apply a small adhesive bandage with a dab of drawing salve. Repeat two or three times a day, as possible.

    Have you tried any of the padded panties or undershorts that are available? The Pedal Panties look kind of interesting, but are pricy ($35, I think) and have a seam down the front, which IME is not comfortable. I've also come across recommendations that one just wear triathalon shorts under one's outer garments, but when the recommendation is phrased "and it doesn't give nearly the same diaper-effect that wearing bike shorts would!" I'm not entirely sold...

  6. Get back on your bike lady, it's only a couple of zits.! :)

  7. lex- I have Sheila Moon lingerie liners and on the road bike they are great, but riding upright puts a lot more of your butt in more direct contact with the saddle so I have not found them to be helpful in this case (the padding does not cover a great enough area).

    anon- this has obviously not been a problem for you : )

  8. Well, I know just how you feel as i have had one myself. The problem with mine was it turned into a something the size of a golf ball and had to be removed by a surgeon. But I'm sure you wont have to go down that road. Keep smiling sweetie.:)

  9. Just been thinking, when i had my lump i rubbed a bit of hemroid cream on it. I used to use it on saddle sores years ago because it contains a mild anesthetic. Wont cure them but it takes a bit of the pain away. The only dodgy bit is asking for a tube of hemroid cream at the chemist,they look at you like they know what you've got.!! :)

  10. Just one more thing sweetie,better get this in before the smart ass wakes up, 'NO' IVE NEVER HAD PILES.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. You have a boil, poor thing! Put HOT compresses on them to draw the infection to a head. Sometimes they pop like a pimple and bobs-your-uncle or sometimes they do rectify themselves. But sometimes you have to go to your regular doctor (normally don't need any fancy "boil lancing specialist") and they can lance it there in the office. It may seem embarrassing, but once you get the relief you'll wonder why you waited so long.

  12. Bev- I wish that were the case, because then it would be done. Alas, no. The only thing that works is to get off the bike and use a lot of cortisone cream.

    Ah well. : )