Sunday, August 1, 2010

Men Bicycle, Too

There is a lot of emphasis on getting women on bicycles these days. Maybe knowing the nice guys they could ride with would help.

Stephen Over Exposed

Commuter Cutie!

James & Me

Ride With A Message

Orange Lean

Into The Light


  1. Man or woman, it's always nice to see a fellow bike rider! Especially in Central PA, where bike riders are so few and far between. Will my blogging help??? :) Ben

  2. Ben- Yes! Your blogging will help! I came to creating this blog because of Amsterdamize and Copenhagenize and I know that what we do here at CYLRAB makes a difference. Blog away! (Link please)

  3. nice sset ade!! all people on bicycles rock! ding dingggg :D

  4. Great post ... Amazing pictures - and LOVE your blog!

  5. A great set of Pictures,I especially like the third one from the Bottom. That Guy with the Hat in Green TEE Shirt is totally laid back.

    We where in the same situation in Ireland with not a lot of Women Cycling but because of the Resurgence in Cycling more and more Women to be seen on the Streets now Cycling along.

    There is a few who Dress in all the Cycling Sportif Gear but it is mostly the Cycle Chicks who Dress in the Height of Fashion on Nice Antique Style Bikes to be seen on the Streets of Dublin.

  6. Well, L'Homme, if I had had a picture of you I could have included it in my post. Which would have made me happy!

  7. Ah, these are appealing. I like how happy these pleasant guys look. Nice set.

  8. I agree....there are plenty of stylish guys on bikes around. My faves are the guys in orange and the guy in the straw hat. Love the bike guys on the Sartorialist too.