Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Behind the Scenes

People frequently ask me if I just jump out in the bicycle lane and start taking pictures. The answer is, yes, that is exactly what I do (unless I am riding, in which case it is straight from the saddle). It is always funny to see how people react to me and my camera. My friend Jon, who is the creator of the Bikescape podcast (now defunct, but there is great stuff on there you should check out. I think he should start it again.) filmed me taking pictures of the riders of Sunday Streets.

These are some of the pictures I took.


Two Thumbs Up

SF On The Mundo!

Just Out Of Focus


Blowing Kisses

All of these were taken at Sunday Streets. This closure was through Golden Gate Park and along Ocean Beach (where I grew up and would have been thrilled to have the Great Highway permanently closed to traffic). Last time it was closed it rained buckets. This time it was glorious with the most perfect weather anyone could ask for! You can see it on people's faces!

In looking at my pictures from this day, almost no pictures of women came out. The guys were all willing to smile for the camera, but the women were all shy. Come on, ladies! Time to represent! (I have noticed that when women wear helmets, I have a much harder time getting them to let me shoot. No one likes how they look in a helmet.)


  1. Lots of happy friendly people. That's nice to see.

  2. This post is awesome! It's so fun to see you out there as photographer, because I have wondered lots of times how people who get street style or street cycling shots actually do it. Thanks for the demo! :)

    And the photos are awesome!! So many happy people! Yes, let's get some ladies in there too :)

  3. Adrienne, you rule. We totally should take photos of each other taking photos of people on bikes sometime.

  4. RTP- thanks!

    SB- I think a lot of people use telephoto lenses so they can be farther away. That would help in getting some shots, but I like being up close. It feels less sneaky and people can stop and ask me questions. It is amazing how often people will ask me what I shoot for and get excited when I tell them about the blog.

    Fritz- Name the day! It would be really fun!

  5. everyone in red!! LOVE it

  6. excellent pictures! they make me want to get out there. um, both riding and in the bike lane with my camera!