Monday, May 24, 2010

Wind In My Hair

Let's take a moment to contemplate the wind.

Are you done? The Bay Area gets some ferocious wind this time of year. San Francisco gets hit really hard because of all the wind tunnels created by our hilly terrain. Yesterday, it was the whole Bay Area and it should not have come as a shock as the weather report was

Weather Conditions

Partly Cloudy/Wind

It was breezy on the way down to San Mateo, but pleasantly so. I started to think that maybe the report was wrong. Wrong!!!! Coming back to SF, I was actually stopped in my tracks on a couple of occasions by the wind. One moment I am going 4 MPH into the headwind from hell and the next I am going 0 MPH and waiting for the gust to end while keeping my Bat from crashing to the ground.

Wind is funny. We all hate having to ride into it, but it can be a good challenge, too. If you just find your cadence, change gears accordingly to maintain it, and let the wind dictate your speed you will make it through without too much trouble. It is when you fight it and try to get through it faster that it drains you of all your energy and leaves you spent and shaky.

Another example of bicycle ride as life. Find your cadence, adjust to maintain it, realize that you can only ever move as fast as your environment will allow.


  1. Yeah, I find the same applies to hills as well. Find your pace, change gears, ride as quickly or as slowly as is comfortable, and if necessary, get off and walk.

    I also agree that a lot of people would be much healthier if they didn't apply the "pedal as hard as possible at all times" philosophy to everything in life.

  2. What portlandize said. Wind is the invisible hill.

    Saturday I had a nice ride of 15-16 miles that featured a headwind in both directions. Seemingly impossible, but it proves the old paradox about having to go "uphill both ways" back in the day. :D

  3. I'm preparing to leave my office and face what I'm being told are some record breaking wind gusts. Can't wait! In my younger years doing RAGBRAI, when I lived by the rule of 'death before sagging', the only day I caught the sag wagon ever was one in northern Iowa with headwinds which slowed everyone, to under 10mph. It was brutal and definitely no fun. (now that I'm older I have NO problem sagging LOL)

  4. Wise and true, as always.

    The wind and I are good friends.

  5. What was truly amazing about the wind was that Meli managed to keep her hat on through it : )