Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey y’all, this bike changed my life.

hey guys, cali here. the following post is a guest contribution from one of my 2.0 friends, alex. he recently bought a bike, and i asked him to share a little bit about that with you guys. being the 2.0 kind of dude he is, he readily complied. here it is. enjoy.

Two weeks ago I bought a bike and y’all were right: my life has changed. I’m addicted to bike. Instantly, my commute turned into a joyously rowdy ride down Valencia and Market in the sun, rain and wind. I get on that bike and I feel like I’m riding around like I did when I was a kid, but now I’m rolling through streets I’ve never seen and stopping at places I’ve never been. Finding sweet short cuts, timing out stoplights and dodging doors and busses are now part of my everyday routine. And it’s awesome.

I’ve been reading this blog for a while, and should have expected that my life would change, but it happened quickly and thoroughly. The transition has been more like a reversion to myself as a little dude, getting into trouble, back in the day. Drenching myself in a torrential downpour on the way to work was a badass adventure compared to the drudge of being crammed down in a tunnel on BART. And blazing through the city up and down dominating hills with sandstormy headwinds is my new fave thing. Especially when finished with some cold beers.

So yeah, thanks for the inspiration, thought I’d share these photos. Say what’s up if you see me riding through.

Gazing lustily at the waves

Racing on some butter in Golden Gate Park

Chillin' with the homey Nature's Mistake on Page

thanks alex for submitting a post about your recent adventures. so much jam packed into two weeks of riding! and agreed, nothing better to top off some riding with a nice cold beer...or your beverage of choice, of course. ahem. sssssup.


  1. If you get yourself some good rain gear you'll probably really start loving bad weather. There's something exhilarating about riding along through a downpour, dry and comfortable (well, relatively).

    And it does tend to impress non-bicyclists. "You RODE? In THIS? Wow!" *grin*

  2. You have now entered, "The Cyclist Zone". Welcome! Thanks for the sharing with us!

  3. It's been a total blast. My pleasure!

  4. so awesome alex. you have now found that *wheeeeeeeeee* feeling
    cheers - mgrsa

  5. Two months ago.... I bought a single speed bicycle off a guy in London. Now im a self coffessed bicycle fanatic.... why? public in trnasport really, really sucks! crowded tubes loads of delays. On a bicycle you have your own agenda and cycling to work is no longer a 'commute' its a 'ride'. Two months down the line im an apprentice bicycle mechanic and we're setting up a cafe in the bike shop. Good times ;) and tidy blog

  6. thanks simon y alex. i love hearing stories like yrs that just make it sound so simple and easy to get on a bike... CAUSE IT IS! i hope you guys both have fun and i can't wait to hear more about yr adventures :)