Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drawing autism.

From Book By Its Cover - Drawing Autism post
by Jillian Mullin
"Mostly paintings, drawings and collages, there is a wide range of styles, from realistic landscapes, to obsessive cataloguing drawings, to colorful collages. Gregory Blackstone, who I wrote about before is one of the artists featured in the book. Each artist is also interviewed about their work and their very candid answers are refreshing."

Thought I'd share. I love Books. Humans. Talents. We are all connected.
-via (Book By Its Cover)

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  1. Books: oh yeah
    Humans: some but not all and not my favorite primate.
    Talents: oh yeah, whatever they may be.
    Yes we are, for better or for worse
    and you are an excellent human. One of my favorites.