Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oil spill post.

Over the weekend, I came across this post from the blog HiLobrow. As devastating as the oil spills are, and because I don't watch much TV, photographs and the internet have kept me posted and quasi-up to date. Too depressing.
Here is a great post about the current situation on the other side of our coast, in Boston.
"Carrying our bicycles above our heads we trudged with great difficulty along the submerged pavement of Dartmouth Street and entered the open door of the John Hancock building, which was all but deserted. The once-gleaming marble floors of this temple of finance were entirely blackened with oil. Ascending via emergency stairwell, after an hour of stiff climbing, we stepped out into the building’s observatory level. From it we could see the streets of Back Bay radiating in every direction, while below us the road was yellow from side to side with the tops of the motionless taxis."

Check out the complete post:
City on a Spill by Joshua Glenn »

greader via karen s. - thanks!


  1. What a horrible idea (reality for some)!

  2. As an optimist I find it difficult to speak doom and gloom but I believe that I will not live long enough to see the damage that has already been done here on the Gulf coast fixed. That's just from what's been spilled already. The domino affect has started, the first few domino's have been toppled and it will be decades before the last falls.
    Meanwhile politicians are already talking about how important offshore drilling at great depth is to keep American from having $14.00 gasoline.
    Those elitist in government and the oil industry are more than willing to trade life for cheap gas.
    If I can find a way to Marie Laveau's voodoo shop I'm putting a curse on all of them.

  3. reality is gas prices go up, bike lane traffic goes up. win win.