Tuesday, July 12, 2011

video: ramona's one minute ride

ms. wheelright, over at velo vogue and at wheelright, managed to be at the right place at the right time today to take some awesome spur of the moment footage of bombing a hill in SF with a bunch of bmx bikers.

this hill is part of my new commute. sometimes times i bomb it, other times it terrifies me, so i have to really congratulate her on the ability to capture this footage! you go grrrl!


  1. Gutsy effort.Very gutsy!


  2. I've hit 86km/hr on my Trek 5000 coming down a mountain. Weirdly i felt safer on my bicycle than I did on my motor bike at that speed.

  3. I have seen some ugly accidents at the bottom of that hill, so I tend to go easy on it. It does not mean I enjoyed watching this any less! : )

  4. The fastest I've been clocked is 92 kmh, although I've been faster (no bike computers back in the day).

    Having had to be scraped off the road with a spatula a few times, these days I tend to keep it down to 70 or so; less in city traffic where things can just jump out and bite you in a hurry.

    Riding fixed helps keep me from getting silly about the speed thang. As Dr. Gonzo once pointed out you have to be careful about going faster and faster until the thrill of the ride overcomes the fear of death.

    Actually, I don't have much of a problem with the whole death thang; it's that pain and having more parts than nature intended that gets to me.

  5. the tall one and i recently went to santa cruz on a short tour. he clocked in at 40-45 mph. i was close behind him. i would have also been curious to know how fast i was going this weekend at this place called the seven sisters on the alpine dam loop. hmmmm.

    times like those, am very glad the bike is in working order. i don't particularly care for speed around a bunch of cars, which happened closer to the end of our ride. i do like speed when i see a big hill but a downhill before that. momentum for the win!