Friday, July 15, 2011

#carmaggedon v. bikes

heh, i totally knew something like this was gonna go down in el lay this weekend!

why? because it's something i would love to do myself!

bike commute news says:
The Wolfpack Hustle, one of L.A.'s most skilled and experienced cycling groups, is challenging JetBlue Airlines to a race from Burbank to Long Beach.

heh. i can't wait to see what the results are.

happy weekend riding everyone, no matter where you are in the world!

btw, if you are like me and plan on cycling across that CLUSTERF*!k that is the golden gate bridge bike/ped mixed crossing this weekend, please take a minute to air your grievances to the SFBC. they are collecting them so we can try to make the next couple of months better for both cyclists AND pedestrians who are trying to cross the bridge.

HT to KT!

UPDATE: jet blue agrees to race. those media savvy folks!


  1. If they are too tired they can fly back....hurrumph! Jet Blue needs to get ready for a smack down!!! Go bikes!!!!!

  2. i know!!! gooooooooo bikes! they should have this streaming somewhere....

  3. I actually commend Jet Blue on this. They even show a sense of humor about the whole thing. However:

    "All riders will depart from the same location, the Burbank Airport . . ."

    This is what is known as Doing It Wrong.

    Departing from the same location is absolutely correct, but the correct location is at the same residential front door, as THAT is the transit time of relevance.

  4. Addendum: TO the door of the actual destination, which is not the other airport.

  5. i regularly beat both the train and the bus and definitely cars in my home town... But i've never tried to beat a plane?

  6. WOW... great blog, love it !
    Greatings from Ostend, Belgium.