Thursday, July 7, 2011

oldest way to get around town...

i love this picture. we were hanging out on sunday streets in the mission a couple of months ago, and we found ourselves needing to go somewhere that was more efficient to travel by bike than by walking. our friend here didn't have a bike. the tall one has a large bike frame with extra space and the thigh muscles to match. yours truly had the know-how and suggested they do the below.

pre public bike!

how cute. old friends, old way to get around town. now she has her own bike with fancy and friendly friends showing her how to ride. so awesome. much love!


  1. So, what is your general commute/ride/activity that gets you so many photos of cyclists?

  2. i'm not quite sure what you mean other than living life while carrying a phone/camera.

  3. Ben- SF is an easy place to take pictures of people on bicycles. It gets easier everyday.

  4. Adrienne,
    I can imagine…I was in SF last about 6 years ago. The comment about the ubiquity of cameras somehow missed me when I posted earlier. I suppose I was just admiring the variety of your photos, and the apparent frequency of your interactions with other cyclists out there. Here those interactions are rare. As I write this I think that’s what my question was about – the interaction apparent in your photos. As for cameras, I now have a pretty good one on my new cell phone. And then there is sketching, which I am presenting on recent blog posts. That method doesn’t afford images in great NUMBER but it’s quite an enjoyable process, especially when combined with riding about.

  5. Really but SF is hilly as??? (very hilly Australianism). If I had to ride my girlfriend around my home town (also hilly as) I would have legs like tree trunks

  6. I love this image - it looks so carefree to just perch on the back of a bike and be whizzed off somewhere. I can imagine the reality of the situation would be somewhat different - or rather, if I tried something like this, something would inevitably go horribly wrong!