Sunday, September 12, 2010

The smile maker

smile maker

Ran into this bike the other day and wanted to hug it. That little colourful parrot is just wonderful.
This was taken outside the coffee bar, one of my favorite spots for coffee in the city - which coincidentally, is painted almost entirely red outside.
Red walls attract red bikes.
Happy bikes attract happy energy.

have a great weekend
besos .m


  1. your smiles attract all of these colours as well. can i buy you some alloy wheels ? (three) 3 Good Reasons 'r more... 4 sure...

  2. Nice! ... Bright and colorful bike and equally bright and colorful 'bird' together - The sight of them would certainly dispel whatever gloom I might be experiencing. :)

  3. on my bike I have a plastic hand

  4. d-rod/ keep riding!! soon you will not ride alone

    frisbeetom/ aww thx :D

    anon/ bird had an awesome sound too!

    ganesha/ oh me encanta!! es para chocarla - o como decimos por aca un high five :D

    +thx for all the comments :D