Thursday, September 16, 2010

feliz diez y seis

hey guys, today is the 200th anniversary of mexico's independence. have fun out there in texas. i miss those celebrations so much.

in the meantime, maybe you can see me riding around with my flag on a basket later today. say hi.

Hot like Mexico, rejoice

besos desde califas...



  1. vive mexico! have fun and ride safe girl!

  2. Hey muchas thanks, glad to see you celebrate the indepencia as much as we do, 200 years still struggling but we keep going. You better drink some corona's for the ocassion

  3. @city girl rides: que viva!! thanks, and i did despite the foggyfog enveloping the city.

    @meligrosa: sq...FUKYAH.

    @alex: it's been super ingrained in my head to celebrate this day since i was a wee lil' texican. no coronas, but i had two nice glasses of casadores reposado. gluglug. ;)

  4. Tequila is too bad for my tummy... i know pussy mexican, i'll stick with the national beer. Nevertheless let's toast mexican way

    "arriba, a un lado al centro y pa' dentro"