Thursday, September 2, 2010

Have Rack, Will Drink Coffee

Café Batavus

Someone asked me once what the point of a rack was when you could just wear a backpack. I could have showed him this picture as my response. No rack would mean no portable coffee table to allow me to stand outside the café and take pictures.



  1. coffee and bikes...two of my favorite things!

  2. backpacks also = gross and sweaty!

  3. A rack opens endless possibilities.
    A backpack pack is just a dirtbag. No one ever washes them.
    I have a dirtbag but I never wear it.

  4. I have a lovely Vaude pannier bag which quickly transforms into a backpack for when I get off the bike

  5. Beautiful photo, Adrienne! I have saved it as my desktop background picture on the computer, where it will make me smile when I see it every morning, reminding of three of my favourite things - bikes, coffee and cake :)

    P.S - LOVE the beautiful panniers. I have been lustfully eyeing off the same ones in the bike shop for several months now. Must...exercise...restraint!

  6. Cool! Additional idea to make my bicycling a pleasanter ride. Bringing along 2 foldable stools , I can now invite some 'thirsty' bicyclist(s) to have coffee/tea with me anywhere in the open under the shade of a spreading tree! ;-))

  7. I have been there back in my Teens and carried a back Pack. Terribly uncomfortable,it hurt my Back badly especially if you had a heavyish load.

    As soon as I could afford Panniers I bought one. Your back is thrown out of line by the Weight projecting outwards as you Cycle along with a Backpack.

    It is less Tiring with the Load on a Carrier.

    You can also bring along a Camping Stove and Coffee Pot and Brew up some fresh Coffee while you are out on the Trails.

  8. Why anyone would voluntarily choose to carry their cargo on their back, as opposed to letting gravity and momentum do 95% percent of the work for you, is beyond me. Have these people never noticed the difference between carrying a suitcase and effortlessly pushing one on wheels through an airport? Have these people never noticed that it is easier to push a dresser on a dolly than it is to throw it on your back and carry it into a building? It's called physics.

  9. A cup of tea it's more my... emm... well cup of tea... But that coffee looks yum yum for sure