Saturday, September 18, 2010

adventures in bike parking, II

seen in a SF garage in the financial district. what i like about this is not the free bike you could get in like 10 seconds, but rather is the fact that bike is super disheveled. i see plenty of mountain bikes parking in those bike rack slots (aka sorry-ass excuse for bike rack parking, but i guess we at least get this...), but never one like this. even if you moved a bike to get it out of the way to unlock your own bike, something i have done before, you would think you should move it back to how you found it. or maybe the owner left it like this in a rush to get to work. both theoretical situations exposed the underbelly of vulnerability of this bike's parking job.

in any case, i was rather fascinated by this bike for some reason. keep them bikes locked up well, mkay?

Adventures in bike parking


  1. I remember someone in Columbia, Missouri, showed me how to secure my bike on campus.

    Do bike shops show you how to use a lock? I think it is okay to ask a buyer and show'em how, if they don't know how to lock their bike properly. Another place this skill can be taught is at bike fairs and possibly even during LAB's bike classes.

    You are doing a great job of posting about this - AWESOME! It is one way to get the word out.

    Peace :)

  2. acompanho o seu blog sempre e gosto muito. parabéns por suas fotos e suas postagens sempre interessantes. provavelmente, voce nao vai ler em português. Abraços. Congratulations!

  3. @anon: IKR?

    @d-rod: it's incredible how some people decide to put things together. i did see the bike on friday locked up well, but def a challenge w/ these racks up here.

    @chandra: thanks! and such a good idea. i went to a bike store w/ someone new to biking this past weekend and i kept thinking about your comment. i think it should happen for sure

    @paolo: estudei um ano de português na universidade. que foi há muito tempo. eu não leio/escrever português muito bem, mas obrigada pelo seu comentário. :)

  4. i locked my bike like that once, in college, to the gate at our kitchen door. i came back shortly there after to just a wheel and panicked. then saw a little piece of string attached to the wheel. i followed it - through every room in the apartment, up the stairs in the hallway, back down, out behind the house to the shed out back where I found my bike, with a note from my roommate that said "you really should lock more than just the front wheel."

    lesson learned!