Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gratuitous Bragging Ahead

So the other day I was opining about my inability to perform the task of taking a picture with both hands while riding. Tonight, I did it!!!!!

I Did It!!!

In the grand scheme of things this is completely meaningless. In my world of cycling it means I have finally found the balance and strength to fully control my bicycle!!! It means resting my hands and back on ridiculously long rides that have nothing to do with transport or utility. It means that in a life full of risk minimization I can still find the occasional thrill.

It means I can say "Look, Ma! No Hands!"


  1. Woohoo! Look at you!

    Go Ade!

    Seriously awesome shot. Sadly, my attempts at pandas leave much to be desired.

  2. I dunno why but since i was a kid till now, it still hard for me to do that.

    Once i try lately.. the balancing is go far away from me and BUMP!!

  3. Good for you! I can't even take a picture with one hand yet. That's why you see no pandas on my blog. :(

  4. I could never really do that,ride with no Hands for a long time. I tried it loads of times over the Years,sometimes I can do it for short stretches but mostly I have to Grab the Handlebars quickly.

    I got a lovely New Dawes Audax Bike on Friday for long Distance and Touring. Two problems I encountered ,Straps on the Pedals,The Bars beside the Stem is to Thick to hold the light Bracket.

    I am not used to Straps on the Pedals so when I came out of the Bike Shop,I Cycled on the Pavement very slowly to see what it was like and try to get used to them before going on the Road.

    I had to stop at a Junction and tried to take my big Foot out of the Stirrup,Failure so I fell sideways on the Path. I got up and People came over to see if I was alright. I was to busy checking out the Bike as you do to listen to them properly. What what what,thanks very much yes I am fine. I had a sore Wrist and Forearm. The Bike had a little smudge and tiny Tear on the Handlebar Tape and the Bar End had Dislodged a bit,so I pushed it in. The Pannier had Protected the Bike from Damage. So rather than try to put my Foot in the Stirrups I just put my Feet on the Flat side of the Pedals and went for a Spin around the City to try out the Gear Change and what the Bike was like. It handled Beautifully very Smooth Ride,it is a Steel Bike and it feels very comfortable.

    I got Home and started putting on the usual Stuff like Bottle Cages ,Pump Attachment and Light fittings.The Plastic Band that goes around the Handlebars would not fit it like yours because the Bar is to thick and if I pushed it down over the Tape it would affect the Brake Cable,so I will have to either make a New Band to fit or see if I can get one in the Shops.

    I usually End up doing a lot of Night Cycling and need my Lights so maybe have to use Plastic Bands.

  5. I am so jealous - I STILL haven't mastered this!!!!

  6. Honestly, I think it has a lot to do with the bicycle. If I do not have the front basket on the Bat, I can ride handless for a little bit. SAM is not so good for it. It also helps to not be too worried about crashing : )

    L'Homme- It took me a little bit to clips. I took a couple of spills until I got used to taking my feet out. That is why I will not go clipless on my road bike. I can not afford anymore spills on my hands if I can avoid them : )

  7. The Clippped Pedals are worse than the Straps. You need plenty of time to take your Foot out of the Stirrups before you stop,at least if you are new to them.

    I had to stop in a Hurry and I was not used to them,so it happened real fast. I only ever fell of my Bikes about three or four times ever and always on the Hands or Arms or else the Legs gets it.

    The last time it happened was when I was admiring a German Motor Home in a Car Park beside a Cycleway and crashed into a Pole warning Cyclists to Yield to Traffic going into the Carpark. I grazed my Arm and Leg that time.

    Gloves are very Handy for giving some Protection to your Paws as this is what you shove out before you to protect yourself in a fall.I would recommend them for fast Cycles as opposed to Leisurely Jaunts around the Locality.

  8. It's the Chucks. ;-) Congrats!!

  9. Am glad, seeing everyone else's comments, that I am not the only one who struggles to do this!

    Good for your Adrienne, it's the simple pleasures in life that are the best one :o)

  10. definitely bike dependent. more fork rake and more headtube angle help stability as far as i understand.

    i distinctly remember the 8 year old me getting the hang of riding no-handed,

    but if i get the wrong bike now it still doesn't work.