Friday, July 23, 2010

Another 115

October 3, 2009. San Francisco to Point Reyes and back. This is what we looked like at the end of that ride.

Back Where We Started From

This is what we looked like at the end of this ride.

obligatory end foto

This is what we looked like while we were riding.

Bicycle Lane

There were hills. We rode up them. There was heat. We drank water. There were trees. We appreciated them. When beer:30 caught up with us in Fairfax, we answered the call. This is what we looked like.


I wonder if they have a Cucuy dark.


Beer needs appropriate music. Good thing there is always a jukebox when you need one.

Flashdance Moment

The latest in ride fashion is Flashdance style. What a feelin', keep believin'...

It's All In The Hair, Baby!

Some of us had better hair than others. I think he goes to a special barber who makes sure the wind always hits him at exactly the correct angle.

Thus endeth the ride report. Ride on!


  1. Wait a minute, I think that I see at least one of the bikes your group was riding hanging on the wall in that bar. A bar with in-bar bike parking? Ok, that is simply awesome.

  2. I cannot wait to start building my tourer! That bottle in Adrienne's bike it's sweet also it has a super retro look, which one is it?

  3. I love these pictures.
    Why not ride (even long distances) in something you can wear to a bar!
    I wonder if I could organize a Chic century? If they can race Bromptons in suits, why not?

  4. Anon- Indeed! In bar bike parking!! BRILLIANT!

    Alex- get building! The bottle is just a basic old Klean Kanteen.

    cycler- Chic Century!!! Where are you? I want to do that!!!!

  5. as i saw this spot, the soundtrack song was 'doooont stop believinnnnnn'

    oh boy. bikes+journey.... troubles