Sunday, July 11, 2010

Radical history bike tour.

About a month ago, we rode in the National Lawyers Guild-SF Radical history bicycle tour. I was excited to learn more about particular protests, organized demonstrations and other pieces of history that have taken place throughout a number of districts in our city.
This was right after I had dropped my camera (lens was totally off focus) s there is a little sneaky blurry side to most pictures, nonetheless, we enjoyed the ride, the information and the gatherings at corners I had no idea several radical events had happened.
Here is a quick roundup of the places we rode to, the ride took about 3-4 hours and the weather was great. Anna and Mike lead the ride and also had quick reference sheets and copies of photos to go with the tour.

Betty y Karen
Betty y Karen
Radical rads
Radicals :D
Allowed Use Of Full Lane to its fullest.
Meet Mike. He was 1 out of the 2 tour leaders.
heading towards chinatown
Heading to Chinatown zigzagging the Financial District.
A quiet Sunday around downtown.
on montgomery
Montgomery street.
in the TL
in the TL
behind me

Here we are at Hastings (UC) Law School. Of course lame security guard tell me 'no pictures' and does not know that pictures can be taken from the sidewalk without being harrased by anyone. As if this group look like a huge thread, I just snapped a few.
This is San Francisco, so you can't shoot pictures from the sidewalk, but you can shoot up other substances – sigh.
at hastings

civic center
At civic center, the main hub and ending spot for many, many of San Francisco's renowned history moments.

octavia blvd
We stand on what used to be a double-decker freeway, it is now a better place.

ok folks, thanks for joining the ride
And here is Anna concluding the bike tour in Dolores Park in the Mission District.


  1. woaaaa a nice riding...

    wants to join so badddd

  2. I hope to one day see the protest tradition of SF return.

  3. hub/ u so should!!

    doohickie/ it was pretty nice, quite informational :D
    im sure it takes some homework +lots of patience to guide &keep a crowd going through history, on a sunny day, for 3+ hours.
    thought the lead riders did a great job