Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best World Cup Spirit on wheels: KT!

Message from the sidewalk
Message from the sidewalk by Kristin Tieche

Well since all of the teams we had rooted for (US, México, France) are out, as big world sports followers most of us will be watching the remaining games from home, work, the park (Civic Center here in SF has free screenings! more info»)
I also wanted to share photos from our biggest gatherer and vélo most spirited hottie: KT!
Here she is below posing in Spain's colors, earlier in June.
Her and the Vélo Vogue gals have a flickr pool going on: Bike To The Cup

Good times vuvuzelanians! :D

KT at Secession SF
KT at Secession SF by Kristin Tieche
KT Rocks the Bike with Adam
KT Rocks the Bike with Adam by Kristin Tieche


  1. That second pic was taken the first day of the Cup! Who knew? España!

    Word verification haella: España is haella smokin like a hot paella!

  2. Go Netherlands!! (I may be the only one at the blog on the Orange side : )

  3. Hup Holland! I will be wearing my orange and black on Sunday!

  4. @KT: as long as you wear your spain hat, you'll be fine ;)

    @ade: villa and ramos are just so dreamy. flavor savors unite!