Monday, November 14, 2011

Shake It Up

I find that riding my bicycle everyday has brought it into the circle of all things we find indispensable. Invisible and ubiquitous. Although, tied with my camera as my most indispensable and treasured possession, I give it little thought, neglect it's maintenance and expect it to simply work no matter what (my camera receives much the same consideration). So now, like in all long standing relationships, things need to be shaken up and a new way to see must be found to maintain a proper sense of appreciation.


Now I am looking for new ways to "see" so that I can find ways to share with you. New ways to appreciate what I have and all the beautiful changes that are coming to my City and the rest of the country.

red bicycle

How do you keep from forgetting how lucky you are to ride your bicycle? How do you stop yourself from not seeing what is around you? 'Cause things are just starting to get interesting!


  1. I get a daily reminder about how lucky I am to be able to ride my bike - I have to drive. My commute is really long, and it's not realistic to do the whole thing on a bike, or safe. So I drive for about 45 minutes, then I park, take my folding bike out of the trunk, and ride the rest of the way in to work. I really love the ride, and having my day bookended by driving really makes me appreciate that while I can't ride the whole way to work, it sure is nice to be able to ride just for a part of it.

  2. how about bolting a camera mount onto the fork/axle nut? i like to use a piece of angle iron from 3 foot piece can be turned and twisted, combined with washers and nuts, and made into all kinds of bike hackingly great stuff. another approach is to mount a 10 foot pole above you (perhaps off a bike rack?) and get a down-view from way up on high!