Friday, November 11, 2011

fall weather means fall outfits

it doesn't really ever get COLD cold here in sf, but there is definitely a chill in the air.

a couple of days ago, on one of those chilly days, i was riding behind a woman and her great outfit...

Cute outfit!!

tweed jacket, rad bag, jeans and boots?! love it.

btw, she's doing one of ade's bag and foot down (AKA the SF STAND) observations.

happy friday y'all!



  1. Will we see the CYLRAB crew at SF Bike Expo?

  2. i just might park your bike on saturday!

  3. Great outfit - love the boots! Nice blog too. I just found this today and bookmarked you!

  4. What is up with all the fabulous jackets!! I keep seeing them everywhere (online & offline) and it's making me crazy. People, PLEASE - I implore you to start dressing poorly so I don't obsess over such things. :O)

  5. @abby: welcome to our little corner of the web! thanks for bookmarking us! M3

    @G.E.: i totally agree! i was salivating over this jacket and i have a weakness for bags. i wish i had gotten a better pic of the bag, but the sun was not cooperating for that sort of thing.