Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grab Your Camera!

We don't do a lot of product endorsement around here. None of us here at the blog are gear people. For myself, one messenger bag is really not much different than the next and the one I won in a raffle 3 years ago works just fine the three times a year I use it. Saying that, when I saw the press release below in my in box the other day, I didn't think much about it. That is until I saw it was a film contest! Your fixed gear adventure could win you something you might like (or that someone on your holiday list might like!) while entertaining the rest of us!

So what do you think? Should I film me learning how to ride the Mid-Life Fixie? It could be amusing to see a middle aged mother making a fool of herself!

Opposites Attract

From Chrome-

"Here's your chance to earn some bragging rights!...Chrome presents the "Hey, Check Me Out!" fixed gear freestyle video contest. Log on to Chrome and upload the link to your best 60 seconds of footage for a chance to win the one of the largest prize packages ever from Chrome. Submissions close on November 23rd at which point Chrome's own Ed "Wonka" Laforte will spend his Thanksgiving weekend reviewing all videos and will announce the winners on Monday, November 28th. Get out there and get some clips! Good luck!"

Good luck and let us know if you enter!


  1. I feel like Kid Shelleen in the movie "Cat Ballou", when, in a stupor, he went to draw his six shooter to demonstrate his prowess with his weapon, and he paused.

    "What's wrong", came the question.

    "No gun", came the reply.

    No fixie.

  2. I think I may post a mid-life fixie video.

  3. I am thinking we may need our own contest....

  4. this just made my day, thanks adrienne! hope you entered!!

  5. Nope, Corinne. Couldn't get it together in time. i am going to just have to do it for funsies : )