Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Grass Is Just As Green

In the Netherlands? Really? The land of the Ultimate Modern Bicycle Culture?

I'm fed up with it!
submitted to our Flickr group by Roermond op de Fiets

Just goes to show, no matter where you are, you gotta work to have a bicycle friendly society.


  1. I like it. Wonder if it worked.

    Perhaps I could have one along the lines of "This road has a speed limit of 7km/h and I live here. Please stop trying to pass me so that you can rush to the next bit of your commute"

    I think that may be too big, even for a Bakfiets.

  2. I could use that sign, too! Along with "Don't try to push me out of your way. I am trying to get "there", too."

  3. Yes, I also think there are many things to be said when you ride a bike in a city, like mine, where most people use their cars all the time and think a biker is a real nuisance!